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Would you like to know more about the concept of temperament and how it can give you a clearer picture of who you are? Or would you simply like to be able to appreciate others more than you do now? If this rings true for you, listen in today and find out as Stacey Horn, the guest on today’s show, spells it out.

Stacey is an ever-evolving social worker, who specializes in relationships. She has been working as a therapist in Aspen, Colorado for the last twenty-five years and now also works with people online. Stacey, who is passionate about the concept of temperament (or personality), has recently been doing a lot of coaching, which she sees as an educational process. She works mainly with families and couples who are no longer together. Listen in and find out more about temperament and how it makes sense out of relationships.

Today, Stacey talks to Robbin about:

  • How her understanding of temperament helps her in her work with parents.
  • How she first became interested in the concept of temperament.
  • How personality relates to temperament.
  • Why she likes Ray Lincoln’s model of Innerkinetics.
  • The four types of temperaments.
  • A story of how she and her husband have shifted in dealing with their daughter, who has a different temperament type.
  • The gift of no longer taking things personally.
  • How to manage time management issues more effectively.
  • How Stacey meets with her husband, who is a different type of temperament, through this method.
  • The new awareness, which re-frames entire relationships, that can be found through this method.


Stacey’s website: www.staceyhorn.com

Stacey’s phone no. 970 616 44 01

Stacey’s Podcast: The Deeper Connections Podcast (Soon to be launched)

Robbin’s website: www.soloparentlife.com



I May Frustrate You, But I’m a Keeper by Ray W. Lincoln

I’m Still A Keeper by Ray W. Lincoln

Innerkinetics by Ray W. Lincoln

Facebook Group: Solo Parent Life