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We’ve all had moments where we felt negative space between ourselves and our children.  It’s important to find ways to connect with them in those times, in the happy times, and in the sad times. But, sometimes as parents, we need to listen and be supportive and leave space to let them release feelings.  This isn’t about making wrong or right decisions, but allowing them the moments to separate those feelings so that they can make good decisions. Learn how to manage these feelings and handle these situations by tuning into Solo Parent Life, with your host, Robbin Rockett.

In this episode Robbin discusses:

  • How to deal with kids when they have a hard time with separation
  • Getting to the root of the problem
  • Understanding the problem and how to deal with it
  • Just listening and not offering a bribe or solution
  • Just hanging in there with your child and not being impatient
  • Taking time to spend with all your kids and listen
  • Avoid redirecting their feelings
  • Connecting with your children and creating time to connect gives them the tools to make good decisions




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