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If you’re unsure about dating as a single parent, or how to introduce a new partner to your kids, listen in and find out from today’s guest, Nettie Reynolds, how single, yet supportive co- parenting has really worked for her and her partner.

Nettie, a positive and supporting person with integrity and courage, is a storyteller, a performer, a Hospital Chaplain and the single mom of two young adults. Listen in today and discover how she has managed to incorporate her partner into her life with her kids successfully and in a truly unique way- perhaps a way that could work for you too.


Today, Nettie talks to Robbin about:

  • Her transition from being married to being a single mom.
  • Her rationale behind her crazy trip with her kids to the Grand Canyon to bury her wedding ring.
  • How she learned that no matter what you do, as long as you’re safe and productive, it’s going to be okay.
  • Her use of the word ‘transition’ rather than the word ‘divorce’ and the positive effect that it had on her kids.
  • When and how she introduced dating into her single parent life.
  • How she went about introducing her new sweetheart to her kids.
  • How she and her sweetheart helped each other to get up and get going, when things got tough.
  • How she and her sweetheart have approached the integration of their two families, without co-habitation.
  • The importance of not being defined by your gender, as a single parent.
  • How their decision not to blend their families has taken a lot of the pressure off.
  • Why it is important for you to date, as a single parent.
  • How she coped during her early transition, with the help of pajama- jeans and long lasting lipstick.



Nettie’s website: Nettie Reynolds

Nettie on Twitter: @netreynolds

Robbin’s email: drrockett@soloparentlife.com

For Robbin’s infographic, go to: Solo Parent Life

Nettie recommends: Listen To Your Mother on Youtube.

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