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When it comes to navigating life, we could all use a little assistance. Being a single parent is difficult, and it’s reassuring to know you’re not the only one making monumental decisions for yourself and your children. Introducing dating into the mix can also make your life a little more complex. Dating as a single parent is something we will probably all face at some point, so we wanted to give you some great advice to help you steer clear of the pitfalls of dating again! Stay tuned to hear some authentic, honest, and helpful advice from hardworking, single mom, Katy Olds, with your host, Dr. Robbin Rockett.

Listen as Katy also discusses:

  • Challenges of becoming a newly single parent
  • Strategizing how to meet people
  • When is it too early to put yourself out there
  • Don’t bury the fact that you’re a parent out of embarrassment
  • Appreciate the new, available opportunities
  • Taking time to decide if you’re ready to date
  • Finding validation in yourself
  • Arranging dates and minimizing electronic communication
  • Deciding your boundaries and requirements
  • Being honest about your circumstances

7 Tips For Introducing Your New Partner to The Kids!

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