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Parenting is difficult no matter the situation and transitioning into being a single parent can be scary. You have to completely reestablish and build not only your life and social circle but yourself. If you’re struggling with making a decision about dating, or simply want to hear another point of view, tune in while your host, Robbin Rockett, collects some helpful tips and tricks from single mom, Dr. Jill Gross.

  • The process of online dating as perfected by Jill
  • The importance of knowing what you want and don’t want
  • Setting up values and enforcing them
  • Always be truthful and know the audience you’re appealing to
  • Be sure to express yourself and not to advertise something meaningless
  • Online dating is just an introductory
  • Someone who’s serious about a relationship will want to keep the virtual communication to a minimum
  • It’s easier to communicate through a screen and the internet can be deceiving
  • The importance of being honest and cutting off relationships if necessary
  • Focusing on how that person makes you feel and the atmosphere they give off
  • Focusing on the present in the relationship
  • Getting to know someone takes time

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